Trading Ideas: Where to look for?

Ted Capwell

Sometimes it happens that you sit and think about a new strategy or want to improve the one that already exists. Or the trading process has simply come to a standstill, and new ideas do not come. You walk around at the same place and you just can’t get out of it. Almost every trader is familiar with this period. For some, it is faster, while for others it can take a long time. In this case, many often panic and they begin to beat like a fish on the glass of the aquarium, but can not find a way out. Do not panic in any case. Relax, take a break. Calm down, and only then return to the process of finding a solution.


Searching for trading ideas

How to search for ideas for trading?

Before looking for ideas for trading, you need to learn basic knowledge and develop practical skills in trading. You must understand how everything works. It is good to study information on one type of asset that you are planning to trade. At least one asset … Ideas come to most traders in the trading process. But, it does not do without a search for the necessary information on third-party resources. What are most experienced traders looking for as ideas? No one will answer this question for sure and just like that. After all, nobody will just share it with you. Moreover, with an idea that works.

In order for ideas begin to appear, you need to study and analyze information. For this, of course, experience is needed. An experienced trader will see much more where the other does not understand anything. Such realities.

How to be a novice trader in this situation? Do not get upset. Learn information, practice and gain experience. If you have less experience, this does not mean that you will not be able to generate ideas. A fresh look along with understanding sometimes works wonders. Look for exactly the information that you need now, do not be distracted by what is not needed now. Study it carefully, check it in practice. Be sure to conduct experiments that will let you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Do not expect ideas to visit you immediately after studying the materials. Give yourself more time.


What sources to use?

As for the sources, then the choice is yours. The main thing is to make sure the reliability of the source that you will use. Of the most common sources, the following types can be noted:

– thematic forums

– scientific literature (theory, research)

– blogs of other traders

– analytics in any available form

– social networks of traders (we can separately note Tradingview)

This list of resources is not complete. There are also closed resources that are available to a limited circle of people. We will not touch them, since many of them are created for earning on inexperienced traders.

Paid resources – another separate view, which may include all of the above. Be very careful with resources where a certain amount of money is required for access to information. There is a high probability that this information has long been in the public domain and you just need to look for it.

What resources should be trusted?

The answer to this question is very simple and banal – no. Namely, no resources should be trusted. You need to trust only yourself. And, even better, understand that all responsibility for the decisions you make is only up to you. it is from this “point” that one should start. Large thematic forums are best suited for finding new ideas, where traders have a lively discussion about everything that might interest you. On such resources you can find a lot of useful information, make friends in trading, trade together, and much more. At the popular forums, there is a significantly lower chance of being caught by scammers. Since its experienced participants will immediately reveal unfair advertising or other types of fraud. Also, it is worth noting the Tradingview resource. On this resource, many successful traders maintain their blogs, providing on-site analytics for the participants of the resource. Also, there you can find many useful analytical tools, charts and other useful information.

If you take all the resources in general, then feel free to opt for those where the information is available for free. Be sure to read reviews about the resource that you decided to use as a source of information for ideas. Do not use what you do not understand yet. Always start with what is available to your level of understanding of trading skills. Do not try to copy someone else’s experience. Better earn your own. Ideas will come to you. Calmness and patience will help you.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”