Who benefits from promoting cryptocurrency?

Ted Capwell

Cryptocurrency is a private digital currency that is not associated with banks. In fact, any self-taught hacker could create something like this. The crypto guarantees anonymity and transparency of operations through the use of blockchain technology.

Introduction to the masses: how it all began

2009 is the birthday of bitcoin. With his appearance, something hitherto unknown penetrated into society, namely, a cryptocurrency fever. The value and value of bitcoin has grown at a phenomenal rate. At first, for 1 coin you could buy a pizza, therefore a car, and a few months later a house. In 2030, according to forecasts of Silicon Valley experts, the price of bitcoin will increase to a quarter of a million dollars, and this is the minimum!

The daily turnover of the popular cryptocurrency in the financial markets of the world has long been measured in tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars, nevertheless, against the background of the world market turnover of several trillion dollars, even such grandiose achievements seem microscopic.

So why is such a tiny “bacteria” given so much attention, so actively promoted among the population, if there are much more serious reserve currencies and stock market giants? Who artificially stirs up interest in crypt, actively feeds the media with news, who really benefits from it? There are several versions.

Who really benefits from promoting cryptocurrency to the masses?

The first version. American intelligence services

According to this version, the cryptocurrency is the brainchild of American intelligence services. The goal of the project is to undermine financial activities in the countries of the world, and along the way to establish the financing of terrorism. Is it really? Yes, it makes no sense to argue about the involvement of the US special services in the untwisting of the crypt, this is already obvious. But to call them “beneficiaries” is too much. The financing of terrorist groups has long and successfully been carried out with the help of real money and it is unlikely that anything will change in the near future.

Second version. US Federal Reserve

According to this version, the main instigators of the turmoil around bitcoin and similar currency are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve of the States, a corporation that supplies the world with the US dollar. The adherents of this theory argue that the actively implemented crypto around the world has bypassed the United States for a reason. The use of digital currency is still banned in America. Why, why the Fed?

The fact is that cryptocurrency is an alternative to real money, a digital surrogate. It successfully copes with the mission of depriving banks of the right to be monopolists in the issue of ordinary money, both cash and non-cash. Currency is becoming shaky and vulnerable everywhere except America.

According to this version, the cryptocurrency was “withdrawn” by analogy with a virus to destroy alternative American monetary systems. What will happen next? The US system will survive and will be the only emission center in the world. That is, all this hype around bitcoin and the rest of the crypt was started solely with the aim of “cleaning up” the world’s monetary systems at the command of the Fed. The culmination of the project will be a vaccine against the US “virus” – the American dollar. He will rightly take the leading place in the world, and along with him the FRS will become a full-fledged “master” of the planet.

Versions of the development of events: for what?

A positive scenario for the development of one of the basic versions comes down to the evolution of a “bacterium,” that is, a crypt. Let’s say it was planned that over time, a tiny bacterium bitcoin will grow into an “elephant”. Digital money will become truly popular. People will finally forget about banks and ATMs, which managed to spoil everyone’s blood. Finally, it will be possible to replace ordinary money with digital completely and thereby gain freedom in the world of the domination of non-cash currency.

According to this version, people will finally live happily in the world of digital money. There will be a natural evolution of calculations, and along the way of society. Humanity will enter a new stage. Habitual money capitalism will be a thing of the past. It will be replaced by a new fair and democratic model of society.

There is also another scenario. In this scenario, the main “beneficiaries” of the digital currency will be the existing “owners of money”. Here a reasonable question arises, why should they create competitors with their own hands? If throughout their lives they worked to improve the banking system, retaining the rights to issue money, why did they suddenly decide to raise competitors that threaten monopoly?

If you remember how many attempts have already been made to launch an alternative to current money into the world, it becomes clear that none of them have been successful. Municipal, local, corporate money could not compete with real money. Even in their embryonic state, they were suppressed by the authorities.

What has changed, why is digital currency not only allowed, but also actively developing in the market?

It’s simple. Bitcoin and other crypto is not perceived as an alternative. It is a financial instrument. It was invented and implemented with the aim of prolonging the life of the heavily losing position of the monetary and financial system, which has not changed for at least half a century.

It was then, in the 70s, that the monetary and financial system called “Bretton Woods” sank into oblivion. The same system of the gold-dollar standard, instead of which the paper-dollar standard appeared. Essentially, the Fed got rid of the “golden” brake pedal and got the right to practically unregulated emission of “green” currency.

With each bill, the “owners of the money” receive a fabulous share premium. They literally print money and get rich out of the blue. The only thing that can prevent them from getting rich further is the massive demand for the print product.

So we come to the point. For the sake of the demand for the American dollar, a grandiose large-scale project called cryptocurrency was started. Propaganda, artificial inflation of financial markets is also for this. This is how the Fed works with its own financial instrument.

What’s next?

It makes no sense to continue developing this version. Everything is clear and extremely simple. The main thing to understand is that what is happening with digital currency now is most likely not a natural process of development. This is not an experiment or a way to save the world from cash. This is a complex Fed project designed and implemented to stabilize and popularize the US dollar.

The growth and development of bitcoin and the rest of the crypt is completely controlled. In the entire history of digital currency, quite serious things have happened to it. She would not have survived on her own. So they helped her. This is clear.

Another thing is alarming. Why did the authorities of the countries of the world change their attitude towards the crypt? Why was there a ban on creation, use and distribution yesterday, but today the government is showing miracles of loyalty and is actively studying the strengths and weaknesses of digital coins? There is something to think about.


“Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk.”