Questions about the reliability of trading indicators. How to be?

Saqib Iqbal Updated:

All traders, regardless of the level of skills and experience in trading, use indicators in their trading to analyze market conditions. This information helps many to create accurate forecasts and trade in plus. But, not everything is as sweet as we would like. Even professionals with many years of experience can not always count on the accuracy of the forecast for trading indicators. Therefore, most experienced traders use an integrated approach to making trading forecasts.

Further, we will consider several examples when you should not rely on trading indicators completely. We cannot exclude them. Yes and no need. Everything needs a smart approach.

Paid trading indicators from unknown suppliers, gurus

In this category, we can also include trading signals that work on innovative or non-existent trading indicators. These trading indicators, or paid signals, have a lot of fake reviews from “newly minted millionaires”. They are focused on beginners to a greater extent. But rarely experienced traders come across them. How to calculate office data? Very simple, striking design, promises of instant profit with little effort. Millionaire’s dream, isn’t it ?!

Why a trader shouldn’t always rely on trading indicators


Unknown free indicators, or paid indicators that offer free for subscribing to a telegram channel

With the advent of Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 and a bunch of other less well-known and less popular platforms, more and more various and useless indicators began to appear. You can use them at your own peril and risk, but you should remember that it is you who is responsible for their use. All the risks associated with money are also on you. So, you should not use these indicators to make a final decision on the transaction. Better try on the proven indicators that you used earlier, if any. If you use unknown indicators, check each separately, do not knock them into groups. Depending on the features of the trading platforms, you can easily get confused.

Trading indicators from trading platforms

Often trading platforms include in their marketing information about a bunch of ready-made trading indicators, which will bring you big profits almost automatically. Remember that in 99% of cases it is marketing, for which you will pay in the process of trading on the same trading platforms. Even if everything works at small sales volumes – do not lose vigilance. With an increase in trading volumes and withdrawn amounts, you risk losing all your capital in favor of the broker.

Trading indicators that well-known traders use in their strategies or in trading diaries

And here we can all together send greetings to such resources as Tradingview and the like. No, you don’t think, we will not muddle the work of our fellow traders who, on their own initiative and absolutely free of charge, share their knowledge with others. It will be appropriate to say that not always your level of awareness and knowledge corresponds to the level of knowledge of these traders. Simply, you cannot understand the actions or plans of another trader. For what purpose and why does he use a trading indicator, and more often a whole group of indicators. Does he test something, checks, or does he share his best practices. You should always remember that you can not mindlessly copy other people’s forecasts. Not the fact that it will work for you either.


We covered only part of the most important information about trading indicators. We did not go deep into the classification and details, since each trader sets everything up for himself. In each his own, individual experience and the path to success. Take your time to use all the indicators that catch your eye. Well study for a start one, then the second, then another. Create a group of workers, gradually add one by one to this group. Fix the results, the accuracy of indicators in the process of working with them. Do not spare time for tests. Your patience and work will bring you profit. Do not rush to drain money. Check back. Try to find an individual approach. Do not copy. And all of you will go up with time!

“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”