What is the use of Telegram for traders?

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Telegram is one of the most popular and functional instant messengers. It is distinguished by reliable data protection, high speed and usability. Telegram is valued for the ability to receive important information, bypassing the extraneous information noise that is present on news sites and in social networks.

Most recently, the main topic of discussion was the blocking of Telegrams by Roskomnadzor, but attempts to ban the messenger have failed. The program works fine on a variety of devices – smartphones based on Android, iOs and Windows, and for computers and laptops there is a full-featured desktop version.


Telegram for option, forex and cryptocurrency traders


Telegram – a source of information for traders

The application is actively used by those who are interested in stock trading and the stock market. With it, you can access the content for analyzing graphs. In addition, many professional traders through Telegrams share signals for the conclusion of transactions.

The network has a huge number of services that provide information for financial analysts. Many of them have a Telegram channel – its availability is usually reported on sites. All a trader needs is to have an installed application. By clicking on the link to the channel, the application automatically opens, and you can see and evaluate the content, and then decide whether to subscribe to the channel or not.

Analytics is a fundamental part of successful trading. Using the information from the Telegram channels correctly, you can make a considerable number of profitable transactions. For trade, you should choose a reliable and proven company. Such is Binarium, which provides its customers with a convenient trading platform.

Deals on the Binarium trading platform are concluded in two directions – the rise or fall of an asset over a certain period of time. The forecast for the course change is made after analyzing the schedule, and, alternatively, obtaining financial information from Telegram. Binarium conditions have traders comfortable trading:

● over 30 assets (currency, futures, crypt);

● profit up to 90%;

● deposit from 600 rubles;

● warrants from 60 rubles;

● withdrawal of funds from 300 rubles within an hour.

A nice addition is the bonus, which is 100% of the first deposit. Having received a bank that doubles the funds invested in the account, the trader will have more opportunities for trading and implementing various strategies.

In addition to using Telegrams for analytics, it will be useful to activate the “Trading Room” application on Binarium. There a professional trader shares the signals for the conclusion of transactions. Having such a set of tools for forecasting graphs, the efficiency of trading will increase by several times, and making a profit remains only a matter of technology.

On Binarium, the standard form for verification is that a registered user needs to send scans of documents in order to be able to make financial transactions without restrictions. However, Telegram is actively lobbying for a single passport technology, which in the future should simplify and secure the interaction of traders with broker companies.

What is Telegram Passport?

Last summer, the Telegram development team, headed by Pavel Durov, announced the introduction of a new tool for personal verification. The tool is called Telegram Passport – first of all, it is necessary for quick data entry to access the services of financial organizations.

The Telegram is based on the KYC system (know your customer, know your client), which represents a single mechanism for accessing services where identification information is required. It is encoded using the end-to-end encryption system — the most secure way to transfer data to financial institutions. User data is stored on a secure Telegram cloud, but the developers reported that their plans included moving ID information to a decentralized cloud of the TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain platform.

The technology has already been adopted by many financial services. Among them is the largest digital transfer operator ePayments, with an audience of more than half a million active customers worldwide. However, the question arises – how useful is Telegram Passport to traders who have been without it for many years?

Telegram Passport – the future of online trading

Internet technologies have made trading available for everyone – to register on the broker’s website and deposit funds is a matter of five minutes. But at the same time, the fraudsters, who in various technological ways jeopardize the security of transactions, have become more active.

In order to protect users’ funds, financial services implement various verification methods, which are not always reliable and easy for ordinary users. For example, logging in using an SMS password is not the safest method, since messages can be intercepted by intruders.

Another method of verification is to provide an impressive list of document scans, which causes difficulties for many users. This should be done every time, registering with a new company, and scan scans take up to several days. Very often, provided images of documents are rejected by the support service, and scans have to be sent again, once again waiting for the results of the check.

And if you consider that many brokerage companies are registered in offshore zones, the guarantee of security of personal data is only the desired, and not valid. Traders who submitted their documents for verification can only rely on the broker’s honesty and that their data will not be misused.

To obtain a passport from Telegram, it is enough to load documents once. It should become, a kind of virtual pass, providing fast and secure access to financial transactions, bypassing the difficult and very often unnecessary verification requirements. The passport will be relevant when registering an account with the company, as well as for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Telegram Passport technology is very young, but many experts recognize its potential. Its implementation on trading platforms is only a matter of time.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”