Training videos on options trading on YouTube. What should trader be afraid?

Ted Capwell

Demand creates supply. In the binary options trading industry, this statement is as true as ever. Everyone wants to learn how to trade binaries, because they believe that it is easy, interesting and profitable. However, few are willing to really spend time on self-study.

Rushing or lazy people – the vast majority of fast money lovers. The maximum that they are willing to sacrifice is a few hours of free time. They definitely will not spend it on the study of authoritative materials. Much cooler and easier to watch video tutorials.

Now everything is taught in the video. People used to go to the Internet for answers to questions. On YouTube. They are comfortable receiving information for free, in the usual format, lying on the sofa and crunching with chips! Does anyone think about the consequences of YouTube education? That’s unlikely.

Who leads the channels on YouTube?

Binarium experts know for sure that video tutorials on teaching binary options trading on YouTube are 99% cheating. Well, no one will tell you the secrets of successful strategies, spend time recording a video, maintaining a channel.

These serious traders are definitely not doing anything like that. Do you know who is recording a video for beginners? Failed traders or worse – charismatic actors, marketers. All they can do is talk beautifully. If they knew how to at least 20% of what they were talking about, they wouldn’t have lived long ago, regularly earned good money and spent time mathematically analyzing and testing new strategies, because it would really bring them money.

Training videos on options trading on YouTube.

What are they teaching?

What do guru teachers on YouTube do? They write down lessons and supposedly teach. Now think about whether they would do all this if they had serious earnings, operating time, forecasts, plans for the next rates? So it turns out that the guys from YouTube are just regular, if not scammers, then definitely not teachers. Listening to what they say and even more so following their advice is worse for yourself. There is no guarantee that their strategies work. Moreover, most likely they do not work and not even any strategies, but regular fairy tales, a set of words, terms mixed with smart phrases stolen from professionals.

In general, we decided to tell the whole truth about the so-called video courses on YouTube so that you, friends, do not waste time. The knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications of video bloggers are in great doubt. Risking money, following their advice, is a road to nowhere.

Which way to choose?

That’s right – to study on your own. On our site materials for training in the public domain. Webinars are held regularly, it is possible to train on a demo account. Here’s what you really need to do at the beginning of the journey. Read, analyze, observe the work of experienced traders and think, compare, predict.

If possible, you need to try to find a real mentor. Not on the Internet, not on advertising, and even more so, not that he is looking for students himself, phoning potential customers. All this in most cases is a scam.

These cool traders who tossed hundreds of thousands of dollars do not advertise activities and moreover do not recruit groups of students and do not maintain a channel on YouTube. But they are. Your task is to find the strings leading directly to them. Through acquaintances, friends or colleagues. Gradually feel for the path and try to come closer. Persuade, interest the trader and go to him in the journeyman. If possible, consider that half the job is done. Training and practice under such auspices is a chance to become successful.

Pseudo-Schools on YouTube

The logic of the scammers is simple. They do not believe single wolves with poorly untwisted channels. It’s another matter to come up with a big name for your scam, for example, “Academy of Trading”. Further even cooler, you can create several areas, develop courses and record for each series of video lessons. Training can be paid to inspire even more confidence. New traders are not fools, they understand that free cheese is in a mousetrap and they are ready to invest in education, especially since graduates are promised earnings from 5 thousand of dollars after a week of training!

In general, the logic of info gypsies, as they are now called, is simple and understandable. The task of those who want to connect life with binary options trading, not to succumb to the temptation and not waste time on them.

Remember one thing: training videos on YouTube on trading are a complete mess. Everything they say does not work. This is at best.

There are more aggressive training options, when they are purposefully taught to drain money by agreement with a fraud broker. Beginners trustingly follow the teacher’s advice on YouTube, replenish the deposit on the fraudster’s website and safely drain the money. There is no one to ask, because they are to blame.

How to learn real trading?

We already wrote that there are only 2 options:

• learn by yourself;

• go to students to a real trader not from advertising and not from a channel on YouTube.

The second option is the best and most effective. In a couple of months of joint trading, you can learn to trade almost like a god, reach a stable result of 6:10 and go to serious bets. But, be prepared for the fact that teachers on the road do not lie. If you find one, he needs to pay. And most likely to pay a lot, otherwise what is his interest in spending time learning, sharing secrets and generally distracted from making a million.

If there is a successful trader among relatives or friends, consider yourself lucky. Do everything so that he undertakes to teach you and do not fail.

Well, if the pros in the field of trading are not surrounded and not planned, become your own teacher. There is no more reliable way to learn. All traders started this way. Get along with materials, analyze, try, test a demo account and believe in yourself.

Trading binary options is not a lottery, not a casino, and not a sweepstakes. Everything is based on statistics and analysis. You need to understand the essence and learn how to make the correct calculations, forecasts. Emotional control is another important point. A trader should have 2 things: a cold head and a plan. And yes, the plan must be followed, not yielding to momentary impulses.

Comprehend the theory, master the practice, learn to manage yourself and you will open the real horizons of large-scale trade and big earnings.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options and cryptocurrency trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”